Mantra 21744

“I am here to make you king instead of saint”
Building castle of love, peace, and gratitude to have poise, peace, and prosperity is not one day process. It can take seven to twelve years during which we have to work through darkest tunnel and brightest sky even after practicing the three steps which were mention in previous mantras. For this we need a mentor, teacher, or guru to let us connect with our inner strength, inner wisdom, and inner intelligence. Now come to business. If you consider me as your mentor then I am giving you a simple exercise which you have to perform twice a day and I will guide you through my blog, newsletters, discourses, and other way possible.
Take a rosery bead (which you can buy through my website, sit with your back straight and eyes close. Take few deep breaths. Now when you breath in think, “thank you sri Krishna for my fulfill, prosperous, and glorious business innovation.” And when you breath out think, “thank you sri Arjun for my fulfill, prosperous, and glorious business innovation.” Count this breath in and breath out cycle as one unit on rosary beads. Repeat this process for 108 times. After this, take a copy and pen and write,” I am not running multiple prosperous business.” Three times.
If you find thinking while breathing in and breathing out tough then practice counting one to eight in mind while breathing in and one to eight while breathing out for fourteen days then start the practice.
What’s in for me
All I want that when you get your innovation patent or copyright you insert my name along with your name in it.

How can I help you? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.

Thank you sri Krishna and sri Arjun for prospering me in all of my interests day in day out.

6 thoughts on “Mantra 21744

  1. The exercise, you mentioned here is very promising. I have my personal experience. What I think that I become. I truly believe what ever we want to achieve, be it spiritual or practical, when we feed it to our thoughts, it becomes the words and action which the essence of life.

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