Mantra 21748

“Strength of our faith determine our destiny.”
At any given circumstances we have twenty percent of control and remaining eighty percent is control by him. Now who is him? He is divine presence, supernatural power, or universal intelligence. He is defined by us. We can give him any shape, lifestyle, and character. By doing this we are taking second step toward poise, peace, and prosperity. Let call him god. First thing we need to understand is that god is Nirgun, Nirakaar, and beyond our senses and our task is to give him name, shape and personality so that we can perceive him through our senses and inspire to be like him. Name of my god is Sri Krishna, master of spiritual studies, and Sri Arjun, master of material studies, and both of them are ideal leader in their own light. They know that a fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business is one which increase the living standard of their nation, employees, and customers. In similar fashion you too have to define your God. Try to make him as modern, wise, and sophisticated as possible because he is the one who is managing eighty percent of all our circumstances. When we start being grateful for him because he is managing eighty percent of circumstances in our favor, life will become a beautiful dream where pain and pleasure fill color in our black and white life. Remember enlightenment is a journey.
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Thank you, Sri Krishna for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business. Thank you, Sri Arjun for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business.

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