Mantra 21757

“The world is his theater and we are performers. Be grateful for our roles”
To be poise, peaceful, and prosperous first of all we have to practice Sama Vritti clipped with affirmation. Secondly, we have to describe our god in detail so that we aspire to be like him. Lastly, we have to read a lot of curriculum books from wide variety of topics to stretch our mind. More we read better we get the grasp in executing our ideas into action. For instance, Sri Krishna and Sri Arjun have read all the curriculum books. Only deference between them is that Sri Krishna read extra books on spirituality while Sri Arjun read extra book on science. This is tough because curriculum books are condensed with concepts and boring to read, but one way or other we have to read it. We can try to make it entertaining using our creativity. Start with the book of your field. For example, if you are small business owner start with books on management. If you are sales-man start with human psychology. If you are blogger start with literature. In business patience is virtue but waiting is hell. Now, if your goal matches mine which is to make my nation, my family, and my customers spiritually and materially prosperous then you have to start with reading general knowledge to get hold of reality and understand scope of development.
How can I help you? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.
Thank you, Sri Krishna for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business. Thank you, Sri Arjun for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business.

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