Mantra 21770

“Do you thank your god for all the answered prayers?

Relationship with customer decide the destiny of our business. When I introspect deeply, I came to conclusion that my customer are already educated enough. All they want is poise, peace, and prosperity. In other word all my customers want are spiritual knowledge, affirmation and little bit of guidance to achieve their dream life. More often than not success comes from doing the repetitive task day in day out while increasing the productivity, making partnership and little bit of outsourcing. To be successful we have to meditate, exercise, and read daily. Here success means having abundance of poise, peace, and prosperity. Now, there are two topic which we need to focus constantly to be successful, and these two topics are customers and profit. In case of job boss is customer and bonuses are profit. There is always some type of process which we have to repeat with improvement to generate profit and get poise, peace, and prosperity. Same thing is applied to the business. My business is to make my nation, my family, and my customers spiritually and materially prosperous. For that I have to build castle of love, peace, and gratitude. Building castle of love, peace, and gratitude is the process which need to be repeated with improvement to let my business flourish. Only source of major revenue of my business is through affiliation marketing where my customers buy things from amazon through my blog and I get commission.   

What’s your business? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.

    Thank you, Sri Krishna for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business. Thank you, Sri Arjun for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business.

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