Mantra 21794

Living a prosperous life is a long process which can take seven to ten years along with lots of perseverance, patients, and practice. Till then we have to be poise and peaceful to enjoy the life passing by and sama vritti is the best tool we have to accompany the task. Sama vritti is also known as equal breathing. In its simplest form the time period of inhalation is equal to time period of exhalation. It is considered that four to six seconds are ideal for the process i.e., four to six seconds of inhalation along with four to six second of exhalation. Sama vritti keep our mind and body calm, composed and concentrated. It helps is fighting anxiety and depression and can be done at any place without letting anyone know. In my case, instead of counting one, two, three, four, I use affirmation which take four to six second to think. When I breath in I think of my affirmation, and when I breath out I again think of my affirmation. You can make your affirmation, but if that is difficult for you, I am giving an affirmation here which can change your life in a week. The affirmation is:

I am not the most productive, prosperous and generous person in the world.

Your subconscious mind accepts this affirmation as true and let you imagine productivity, prosperity, and generosity while sama vritti keep you focused, calm and peaceful. Try it for one week and you can witness the result yourself.

What’s your opinion? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.

    Thank you, Sri Krishna for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business. Thank you, Sri Arjun for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business.

16 thoughts on “Mantra 21794

    1. First of all, thank you for your feedback. I consciously included the “not” in the affirmation which make the affirmation true thus make our subconscious to imagine productivity, prosperity and generosity. For more information, refer to mantra 21808.


      1. Thanks for your feedback. I am trained as a master of NLP and hypnotherapy and we were taught never to use the words not or don’t in suggestions or affirmations. That is why I asked.

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    2. Thank you for posting this simple yet valuable piece of information. I am always rushing and have anxiety and depression and find that when I do stop and focus on such a simple process as breathing, I like the mantra you wrote and will do this for a week. I look forward to your next one!

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