Mantra 21808

So, like everyone, I too tried positive thinking to attract wealth, gadgets, and vacations, but I fail to convince my subconscious mind for all these gifts. I am same, like my assets, as I was two year ago. There is no change in my personal, economical, and social status. To be frank it is worse than before. For this reason, I am experimenting now with negative affirmation. We are aware that if we are asked not to think about big elephant for one minute our mind will automatically visualize big elephant. Keeping this in my mind I made a list of five limitation/disappointment/regrets. Which are

I am not the most productive person in the world.

I am not the most prosperous person in the world.

I am not the most generous person in the world.

I am not the most forgiving person in the world.

I am not punishing unreliable people diligently enough.

All these statements are true and my subconscious mind has no problem in accepting these statements. I am expecting that by repeating these statements either my asset will get doble or my debt will grow significantly, in next six month. By the end of year 2021 I will be change man either for good or for bad, and my business of making my nation, my family, and my customers spiritually and materially prosperous will flourish.  

What’s your disappointment? Feel free to share your feedback in comment section.

    Thank you, Sri Krishna for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business. Thank you, Sri Arjun for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious business.

15 thoughts on “Mantra 21808

  1. I gave it a quick try. I think they like to call it acceptance. The negative affirmations didn’t work for me. Maybe they will for you.

    I’m back to positive affirmations, meditation and Chanting. And you know what actually helps me is regular old exercise.

    Have a nice Day!

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  2. I’d suggest ASK affirmations & to have it written in the speech you actually use in your daily life. Also switch things up, have fun and continue experimenting….you’ll start to see what works for you in the results. Different methods for all folks. I’ll suggest Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy as incredible resources.

    Examples: Woah…HOLD UP! How is it that I’m NOW the MOST productive person in the world? How did this amazing luck come MY way? How did I even accumulate this much WEALTHY??? Here’s a straight-direct affirmation I love! I NOW have a lavish, steady, dependable, income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit. (I use that previous affirmation as a direction/compass when speaking to myself…your inner speech MUST match your goals/desires.) Attempt observing your behaviors without judgment. Maybe for 2 weeks? Based on reactions, moods, etc. And slowly eliminate and replace what does not SERVE you. Repetition /Practice=KEY.

    Listening to ASK affirmations at low volume at night has helped me communicate with my subconscious. Naturally the mind attempts to crack codes, so programming at night/early morning upon waking is best. Have fun experimenting with what works for you and ENJOY the journey my friend. Stay Blessed

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