Mantra 21872

 After long introspection with me Mr. Awesome come to the conclusion that besides negative belief three major obstacles that Mr. Awesome have to face is ignorance, resentment, and fear. Mr. Awesome first obstacle is ignorance because he has no skill, information, or knowledge about stock market. To overcome this obstacle, I suggest Mr. Awesome to watch all the videos of CA Rachna Ranade on YouTube. To overcome resentment due to past experiences. Mr. Awesome decided that whenever he feel resentment toward anyone, he will donate one rupee. Last but not least, the obstacle of fear. Mr. Awesome on my advice, decided to counter fear with affirmation,” success is mine because I learn like a baby.” I also suggest Mr. Awesome to practice investment on before he tries real investment. All these talks are about inner obstacle, the domain of sri Krishna. What about external obstacle like lack of money, resources, and time. To overcome external obstacle Mr. Awesome has to get a job so that he can pay his bills while getting dexterity in stock market. It will be awesome if he gets the job at brokerage house or any CA’s office. Then he can easily learn the technicalities of stock market and can invest in it.

    Thank you, sri Krishna for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious life. Thank you, sri Arjun for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious life.

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