Mantra 21880

Suppose a person whose name is Mr. Awesome, his age is 30 years and he is my customer. Mr. Awesome encounters many betrayal, failure, and limitations is his life. At present, he is broke, in debt and have bills to pay. One day, he decided that in next 7-10 years he will be poise, peaceful, and prosperous. As you all can see that Mr. Awesome has a long-term goal, I mean he is smart enough to talk long term. After deciding long term wish Mr. Awesome has to decide the profession by which he will achieve his dream. For instance, let the profession chosen by Mr. Awesome is investment in stock market but he lacks any skill for that. All Mr. Awesome have is the knowledge that is he become poise, peaceful, and prosperous he will have financial freedom, joy, and peace, so he created an affirmation which is, “I am financially free, joyous, and peaceful.” Can you imagine the obstacles, which Mr. Awesome has to face to achieve his dreams? The actual obstacle which Mr. Awesome have to face is the limiting belief, like I am unlucky, undeserving, and failure when he get overwhelm with the sear size of external obstacle, limitations, and hardship. So, Mr. Awesome decided that whenever limiting belief comes in his mind, he will take deep breath and repeat his affirmation thrice. As you all can observe that there is fifty percent chance that our failure or success is decided from within, which is ruled by Sri Krishna while other fifty percent of success and failure is decided from outside which is ruled by Sri Arjun. There is constant tug of war is going on between Sri Krishna and Sri Arjun while both are them are busy making heaven. Now, what’s your story? What are the obstacles you are facing to live a poise, peaceful, and prosperous life? What stops you from building the castle of love, peace, and gratitude? Share with us. We are here to help.

Note: To know more about Mr. Awesome, read Mantra 21872.. Thank you.

    Thank you, sri Krishna for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious life. Thank you, sri Arjun for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious life.

13 thoughts on “Mantra 21880

  1. Thank you for sharing. I periodically experience doubt and feelings of unworthiness, like my writing is not worth the time I spend on it so why am I doing it?

    When this happens I take some time to stop, and pray (I am a follower of Jesus). This helps me to remember the good that I’m doing, and the hard work I am putting in and have been, especially in the past two years to get a book published. It’s not always about “doing more” But acknowledging we might be getting to do too much.

    Thank you again for sharing.

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