Mantra 21881

In the path to achieve our dreams, wishes and goals the three biggest obstacle that we face is procrastination, resentment, and anxiety. I have come up with a way to overcome these obstacles with the use of affirmation, imagination, and contemplation. This method is actually inspired by Gabriele Oettingen and Norman Vincent Peale. In this method we create two affirmation. First affirmation is to imagine the favorable outcome. Second affirmation is to contemplate the action which we take if we procrastinate or feel resentment or feel anxious. It can be easily understood with an example. Suppose we dream to be poise, peaceful, and prosperous. Now what is the best outcome or what we get if we become poise, peaceful, and prosperous. Suppose the answer is we become financially free, happy, and peaceful. Then our first affirmation become, “I am financially free, happy, and peaceful.” What if in the path to become poise, peaceful, and prosperous we meet with monster of procrastination, resentment, and anxiety. Now we need second affirmation. This affirmation is a question like,” what can I do now to overcome this monster?” and then we act accordingly.

Note: Use the first affirmation thrice when the dream is fulfilled.

    Thank you, sri Krishna for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious life. Thank you, sri Arjun for fulfilled, prosperous, and glorious life.

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