Mantra 21883

Imagine, trucks, cars, and buses are transporting resources from one point to another point in my nation day and night to make my nation, my children and my customers spiritually and materially prosperous. Is it possible? Sri Krishna and Sri Arjun has created this universe in a big bang from which we are born and some day they will end it whatever way they like, till then what is more rewarding to make nations, children and customers spiritually and materially prosperous. It will make our life more fulfilling, prosperous, and comfortable. Now coming back to above question, the answer is, may be or may be not. It depends upon the obstacle that we have to face and overcome. Talking about the obstacles remind me about two wonderful website I stumble upon, which can help nation, children, and customers to become spiritually and materially prosperous. First one is this website gives book summary for entrepreneurs and it have a podcast on Spotify. I was listening this podcast 2000books, which is very informative, and it introduce me to another website named explain why positive thinking alone is not sufficient to reach our desire result but when obstacles are introduced to positive thinking it can create wonders for castle of love, peace, and gratitude.

  Thank you, sri Krishna for glorious life. Thank you, sri Arjun for glorious life.

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