Mantra 21889

At present, castle of love, peace, and gratitude of my customers are affected by pandemic, but this pandemic is making castle of love, peace, and gratitude stronger. Thanks god COVID-19 taught us hygiene, self-love, and taking care of our loved ones. This disconnection from rush of life makes us come in touch with the power of love, peace, and gratitude. Although my nation is financially unstable and my children and my customers are in constant threat of virus but the precaution that is being taken make them disciplined, alert, and aware. All we can hope is that when vaccine of COVID-19 is made and we get rid of virus we still follow this strict hygiene routine. It will increase the spiritual prosperity of my nation, my children, and my customers. But spiritual prosperity alone is not sufficient. Material prosperity along with spiritual prosperity is necessary. That’s why this pandemic has to stop. There is a need for fearless environment so that my citizen can go out and achieve glorious feats, fill there hearts with joy and make my nation, my children, and my customers spiritually and materially prosperous.
Thank you, sri Krishna for prosperous life. Thank you, sri Arjun for prosperous life.

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