Mantra 21895

Meditation is the best remedy to overcome anxiety of exam. Regular meditation helps us focus, concentrate, and memorize facts. Exams are inevitable part of citizens of my nation. We have to took exam as our beloved friend which is them to show us our ability. Second thing which can be done is to create an affirmation on it, like “thank god I am preparing to qualify my exam.” And link it to breath to overcome anxiety. Remember, every second either wea are getting influence by someone or influencing somebody. If my customers want to rise up in their carrier then they have to go through exams. For instance, if MR (market representative) of a pharmaceutical company wants promotion then he or she can do post graduate diploma in pharmaceutical sales management from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). It will take him one year to qualify the course which automatic enable him for the promotion to sales manager with greater understanding of field. For this the market representative have to qualify the exam If we take exam as friend and bless those who qualifies it because it help us in better carrier then anxiety of exam can be overcome.

  Thank you, sri Krishna for glorious life. Thank you, sri Arjun for glorious life.

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