Mantra 21900

Someday centers of adobe of humans will fill the heart of my customers with love, peace, and gratitude, throughout my nation and they will happily live a glorious life full of love, peace, and gratitude. An arduous vision. It requires lots of money and manpower willing to surrender themselves for the service of nation, which have given them suitable environment to flourish. The process is unknown, the way is unfinished, and the road is full of uncertainty, but the faith in lamp of vision pushing forward with hope that some day my nation successfully develops environment of love, peace, and gratitude because of adobe of humans. Every citizen of my nation has sufficient resource to buy food, shelter and education. It will be marvelous if food, shelter, and education become free, but the problem is “no one respect free goods.” This is one of the reasons why relying on customers is better compare to relying on citizens. When my customers whose hearts are full of love, peace, and gratitude maintain the environment of love, peace, and gratitude in my nation then the fruit of this hard work will be eaten by my children who will decide the future fate of my nation.
Thank you, sri Krishna for glorious life. Thank you, sri Arjun for glorious life.

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