Mantra 21911

All the followers of Adobe of Humans are my potential customers and thank god now Adobe of Humans have more than 200 followers. All my customers are living in the castle of love, peace, and gratitude. More they shops stuff through Adobe of Humans stronger the castle of love, peace, and gratitude will become. Castle of love, peace, and gratitude is the meditative state in my nation where citizen of my nation come to give thanks to Sri Krishna and Sri Arjun for the growing prosperity of their customers. Here the concept is very simple. By meditating for growing prosperity of their customers, citizen of my nation tends to sell things which are helpful in increasing the living standard, productivity, and efficiency of their customers. Beside right intention, gratitude, and meditation education too plays a important role for my nation. Engineers have more chances to innovate, invent and discover useful product for my customers where as MBA in marketing, finance, and human resource is able to take these products to wider range in my nation. It will take time, constant effort and crores and crores of rupees to increase the living standard of my nation, my children and my customers. Good transportation, world class universities, and castle of love, peace, and gratitude are the priorities of my nation.
Thank you, sri Krishna for glorious life. Thank you, sri Arjun for glorious life.

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