Mantra 21912

Beautiful relationships will definitely increase the spiritual and material opulence of my nation. Whether it is romantic relationship or friendship or mind-body relationship. It is definitely going to affect my nation as whole. Of all the relationship, mind-body relationship is most significant to increase the overall happiness index of my nation as well as citizens. Meditation given in Mantra 21926 is one of the way to achieve mind-body harmony. Just like environment of love, peace, and gratitude, which demand money to maintain it, relationships too demand money for sustainability. Love, peace, and gratitude, in any relation make it long lasting, happy, and prosperous. Every relation which starts on the foundation of love, peace and gratitude have the power to increase the opulence of my nation, my children, and my customers. Although their effect is not directly perceived but indirectly it has exponential value. Meditation, yoga, and exercise are few of the practices which increase the strength of relationship which in return prosper the environment of love, peace and gratitude.   

  Thank you, sri Krishna for glorious life. Thank you, sri Arjun for glorious life.

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