Mantra 21919

The way in which rich, great, and successful people trying to increase the opulence of my nation is very appreciable. I am also grateful for poor, sick, and failed people for giving us chance to do some austerities. Although most of the citizen of my nation is hard working but due to dispersion of their effort my nation is losing money. For the sake of opulence of my nation every citizen needs to combine their effort in one direction without taking into consideration the speed of the movement. No matter how slow the speed is, if combine effort are in same direction my nation will definitely reach the peak. A great leader knows how to accomplishes this task. This task is very first goal to maintain the environment of love, peace, and gratitude in my nation so that my children and my customers can get in touch with the latest available technology. If most of the citizen accept the single mantra, practice it and live by it then revolution will happen which will increase the living standard of citizen of my nation. God will also help us for the worthy goal. We must keep our senses active to realize that one mantra which will take us toward lovely, peaceful, and grateful opportunities.
Thank you, sri Krishna for glorious life. Thank you, sri Arjun for glorious life.

One thought on “Mantra 21919

  1. Hello.
    The world is complex.
    I try to be mindful of illusions.

    This post is a good exercise for me in that regard.

    Many things in life are like salt, It is needed but too much makes us sick and the limit for too much or not enough are different from person to person. I learned that when adding salt feels good than it is not too much, it is filling a need.
    I mean feels good not taste great.

    My thoughts. A jumble they are and I am the juggler juggling them. Barely able getting some stability when a new thought enters. Being sensitive in the sixth sense I also feel the owner of this post and there is the form, style, mood in which this message (original – not this reply) is written. Those are two external influence that I have to juggle with it. The form, style, mood of the writing is not a sixth sense influence it is a framing of thought that my mind takes over from what I read.

    Opulence. There are those that gather much success and opulence but in the pursuit of that have cultivated looking down on others. On the other end of success and opulence – they lack in it – there are those that look down on the successful and opulent ones.

    Opulence in wisdom. Seems a bit freaky to write that. Wisdom gets thumbs up yet few pursue it.
    Difficult to get in a wise state of mind yet to be wise I find that it is a state of mind. A state that has to be gone into to to have.

    Funny; Here I am practicing being wise on replying but on my own posts I currently do not.
    Curious that on my own posts I currently find it difficult to write something valuable so I write that I rode my bicycle. That is valuable of course. But it seems meager.

    Back to replying.

    There are those like myself who find themselves necessary to pursue wisdom. Without it would I not have a good and healthy life. (still lacking, but improving) Most people do not have that. I not only have to develop wisdom but also spirituality.

    Many advances have been made for the sake of opulence but also with disregard and destruction of a healthy life for those in service and for nature and for themselves.

    Everyone of us have talents to pursue. An intellectual has intellectual interest and talent to pursue . That is good. Without it there would not be machines. There are those that are interested in being physical strong instead of intellectually. Good. With that they can can do physical demanding tasks.

    Many are lacking in talents of one kind or the other. But a community as a whole does not lack in talent of any kind. Idealistically speaking. So working together there is no lacking.

    For love , peace and gratefulness I need wisdom foremost.



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