Mantra 21946

I am very grateful that great saints of my nation have huge ashrams worth crores so that they can guide lakhs of people every year toward love, peace, and gratitude. These great saints have sacrificed their youth, family, and comfort for the service of god so that humanity can march toward lovely, peaceful, and grateful future. Citizen of my nation should pay gratitude, reverence, and tribute to these saints who created the path for greater good of humanity by their austerities. Many powerful, prosperous, and famous people have achieved peace of mind from these great saints’ guidance. These great saints know how to bind people together in the thread of love, peace, and gratitude. They are the glowing example (Sri Narendra Modi) of the disciplined mind and what it can bring on the material realm. They can free the hearts of their devotees from fear, doubt and anxiety and fill it with faith, hope and gratitude. The spiritual peace, prosperity and environment these saints maintain in their huge ashrams are mind blowing. Although these ashrams have large running cost which mainly comes from donation. Material prosperity is also necessary to successful working of these ashrams to accommodate the young saints who are on their path to greatness. This makes these great saints a better human resource manager. Thank you, sri Krishna. Thank you, sri Arjun.

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