Mantra 21958

There are many significant questions which need to be address by government of my nation. One of them is how investment will raise for progress of my nation to spread love, peace, and gratitude. This is not a short-term problem. This question need time to discuss by keeping in mind the long-term projects in my nation. Citizen should know what government of my nation is doing and how it will affect their life. Citizen need to know and understand the steps which government is taking love, peace, and gratitude in the nation. Above all, why love, peace, and gratitude is necessary for prosperity of my nation. The feeling of love is very powerful force which can move mountains, make possible out of impossible and put a dent in the universe. It is unimaginable what a citizen with the power of love can do for his nation. Next comes peace which is like a fertile land for the crop of creativity. The peace of mind is our first requirement for any creative project. Last but not least, the feeling of gratitude. Just like love, gratitude is very powerful force to live a healthy, happy, and satisfying life. In short, with the weapon of love, peace, and gratitude citizen of my nation can bring heaven on earth. Let us hope that government of my nation can raise enough investment so that it can maintain the environments  of love, peace, and gratitude in my nation. Thank you, sri Krishna. Thank you, sri Arjun.

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