Mantra 21967

Healthcare and Pharmacy are significant area in the development of my nation. I am glad that more than fifty three percent citizen of my nation have vehicle of their desire but this increase in automobile cause sound and air pollution which in return harm the citizen itself. Now these automobiles have no substitute yet and for time being healthcare and pharma are only hope in case of unwanted effect on citizen. To expand the healthcare and pharma sector first we need to build the initial infrastructure which can launch the superstar among the citizens. We need good no of grate Doctors, compounder, and nurses. To turn citizen into proficient Doctor, nurses, and compounders. We need a good network of world class medical collages, medical institute, and universities. For the prosperous educational sector, we need to improve the infrastructure sector. Again, boom in infrastructure sector will come when my nation will produce good engineers, managers, and workers. It is like a cycle, but either in this life or the next these goals are meant to be achieved. Good thing is that every citizen is potential customer of every sector and progressive customer is citizen full of love, peace, and gratitude. We need to increase the living standard of citizen of my nation for the coming generation. Thank you, sri Krishna. Thank you, sri Arjun.

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