Mantra 21971

Roads are like life-line for any nation. A good, well connected and smooth road not handle the traffic effectively but also increase the economy of my nation. Construction of roads not only require lots of money but also good no of engineers, managers and labors. I have a vision that in my nation, capital of every state is connected with the neighboring state’s capital by a eight-lane concrete pavement (road). This will increase the connectivity and bring citizen of different state closer due to increase in business connection. It is evident that road construction on such level not only need many lakhs crore of money but also great deal of sacrifice on the citizen part is also necessary. First problem that arise during road construction is accusation of lands. After that government need to hire the businessman in construction department by passing tender to complete the project in given time period. Good thing about road construction is that it generates lots of employment opportunities for the pass outs of great university in my nation. Roads along with great education system can create wonders in economy of my nation for the coming generation. Thank you sri Krishna. Thank you sri Arjun.

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