Mantra 21983

Customers are very significant variable in the equation of my nation. For the progress of love, peace, and gratitude in my nation customers satisfaction is very necessary. When customers are happy to pay their bucks then the economy of my nation will strength which result in greater turn over which cause construction of world class university for growth of my children. I am egoist. All I want to think of is my nation, my customers, and my children, but my zodiac sign is Virgo and thus I am easily distracted. My nation needs more than hundred world class university to sustain the growing demand of education among my customers. My customers belief that good collage degree specially engineering, medicine and management, can guaranties good living standard full of love, peace, and gratitude. They are right. Education is second best thing they can have and there is no place better than world class university which can provide the specialization in the chosen field. This is a mammoth task for my nation. All my nation currently have is thirty-three crore rupees and for working of one university my nation requires hundred crore crore rupees for construction of one university. Anyway, I have faith that by praying for my customers wonderful things can happen in the path. Thank you, sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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