Mantra 21988

Writing for progress of my nation is easy task after I overcome boredom, frustration, and depression cause in the process. Until now I was writing about citizen of my nation and how they are contributing in the opulence of my nation, but from now onward one more variable is included in the equation and that variable is ‘customer’. A satisfied customer not only contribute in the turnover of my nation but also increase the index of love, peace, and gratitude. Every citizen is a potential customer who have to contribute in expanding the economy of my nation so that the construction of hundred world class university become reality where my children can get education for prosperous future. Every follower of this blog is potential customer to whom I am selling love, peace, and gratitude. As I mention earlier, although love, peace and gratitude appear free but to maintain environment of love, peace, and gratitude my nation have to spend forty thousand five hundred sixty-seven crore rupees every month. Creating environment of love, peace, and gratitude is very tiring and time-consuming process but in long run it is worth it. Thank you, sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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