Mantra 21996

Another nation decided to contribute in the economy of my nation by donating one thousand crores from his yearly turnover of six lakhs crore. This act of generosity is very well appreciated from my nation. The money is securely transferred to treasury of my nation in the university building fund. To maintain environment of love, peace, and gratitude. My nation has invested one hundred thirty crore on food, one thousand crore on inventory, and five hundred forty crore rupees on healthcare. Education is important sector which demand time along with money and citizen of my nation is ready for sacrifice. Learning new skill is very well needed for growth. It’s tough to write thus the process become mechanical. As per Mr. Robert Green it is important to practice even when the process feel mechanical because then we will come closer to our creative side which will make the process fluid like river flow. In his book ‘Mastry’ a person have to go through time of frustration, boredom and depression but one who decided to move beyond these milestone can only create the uniqueness of style and achieve the Mastry in his of her field. A master can even create a new field for coming generation. My nation needs lots and lots of Masters for its opulence. Thank you, sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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