Mantra 21998

Citizen of other nation are enjoying the blog post about my nation. The reaction is motivating. How can a never-ending void of my nation can be filled by blog posts? My nation is his dream where he demands love, peace, and gratitude for all his citizen, either by hook or by crook. He knows that the path is tough but don’t know how much he can endure. In the dark tunnel of life, a dwindling light of faith is driving him. He knows that he is undeserving, weak, and coward but thought of his nation having hundred and more world class university connect with first class road is giving him strength to take step forward no matter how small it may be. Sometime to make a leap forward one have to take few step back and he knows this without understanding his reaction when he actually have to make such decision. Whether he will act like a charismatic leader or fall back like sand in hand. Anyways, the contract between my nation and friendly nation is running smoothly. Today’s turn over in my nation is around eight thousand two hundred crore and the leader has invested around fifty-three crore for creating environment of love, peace, and gratitude in my nation. Today leader of my nation decided to invest his time in entertainment industry. Entertainment industry is good source of increasing turnover for any nation. Leader of my nation must invest in entertainment industry to increase the turnover to few lakhs crore. Thank you, sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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