Mantra 22000

Every citizen of my nation has the fundamental right to live their life with dignity. In present situation it is possible if a person with family of three earn four hundred and fifty rupees or more on daily basis. Which is thirteen thousand five hundred rupees per month. This is possible when the government of my nation create the condition in which business can flourish to create lots of employment opportunity. Various skill building courses should be offer by government of my nation so that citizen can sharpen their intellect and give their contribution to economy of my nation which help the leader of my nation in building the environment of love, peace and gratitude for citizen. It is like a circular cycle where citizen will lend their effort, skill, and time to government, in return government will provide nurturing environment for citizen. This process needs money as a fuel to initiate as well as continue the cycle. This will not happen in one day, one month, or one year, it will take seven year to build strong, sincere and committed hundred million citizen who are ready to sacrifices more than there life for the greater opulence of my nation which in return will create the environment of love, peace, and gratitude. Thank you, sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

As a citizen how can you assist my nation in building a world class university?

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