Mantra 22001

Today is busy day for citizen of my nation. Living is the hardest part and he is doing it so gracefully. He knows the importance of love, peace, and gratitude and firmly aware that money is important mean to create the environment of love, peace, and gratitude for greater good. Economy of my nation has shown upward trend while leader of my nation was busy providing the essential support to the economy by giving education, food, and free labor worth two hundred fourteen crore to two hundred eighty-seven crore. The leader of my nation is considered to be successful when he is able to direct the effort of government of my nation in one direction of increasing the turnover of business in my nation with the help of hundred million or more citizen so that few thousand crore rupees which is needed to run the first university can be earned. Here, why is clearly known and that’s a good sign but what about how? There is many big how’s in path to environment full of love, peace, and gratitude. How the leader of my nation has to be chosen? How the governing body will form? How to reorganize the governing body in case of catastrophe? How to create equanimous environment among citizen and direct them toward the single goal of creating environment of love, peace, and gratitude. Thank you, sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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