Mantra 22003

It is rough guess that to provide good living standard to hundred million citizens, my nation has to spend ten thousand crore rupees every month for two to three years. What does good living standard means? Good living standard means good food, good clothing, good housing along with electricity, water, and internet supply. The leader of my nation should direct government of my nation to find ways to make each home energy sufficient and teach these technologies in universities of my nation. When youth get chance to learn the technologies of making home energy sufficient and government pay the price to make these technologies available to citizen then the cost of providing good living standard which is ten thousand crore per month per hundred million citizens will reduce to few crores’ rupees only. The initial cost is so high because we need to produce good doctors, engineers and managers for overall wellbeing of nation. Again, all point come down to education. Although my nation needs more than hundred world class university the leader has to start with one. With the contribution from hundred million citizen this goal in not a big deal.  Thank you, sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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