Mantra 22005

Although my nation needs more than hundred world class university, the leader of my nation has to start with one at a time. With two hundred and forty-nine acres of land for university campus, citizens of my nation can witness the rise of new era. Presently it is only a blue print in my mind which I love to see as reality on the face of earth. The university campus has a school of CBSE board. Different streams like engineering, medical, commerce, journalism, architecture, hotel management etc. are taught in the university. The university have the facility of earning P. hd. in different department. Hostel facilities is available in university campus along with sport ground for different sports. The university campus is well connected from different facilities like, mall, restaurant, bus station, railways, cinema, stationaries, etc. It is utmost priority of the staff to maintain the environment of love, peace, and gratitude inside the university campus. Each and every student of the university is taught to spread love, peace, and gratitude through their profession to make my nation a beautiful place for the citizens, government and officials. For this the leader of nation will need full support of the citizens of nation. Thank you sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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