Mantra 22007

Like every great nation, my nation too demands great sacrifice from it citizen. Citizens, government and officers of my nation have to put the interest of nation before their personal interest. I am not saying it is going to be easy but for the sake of coming generation it will be worthy. Great transportation, wonderful education system, first class hospital service, pollution free industries, good living standard, and desired vocation are priorities of my nation. Imagine a nation where every citizen is getting paid for their favorite work full of love, peace, and gratitude. This is possible only if each and every citizen of my nation is ready to sacrifice their life, comfort, and sleep for the opulence of nation. We also have to choose a credible leader who can guide the citizen of my nation toward love, peace, and gratitude. Although love, peace and gratitude appear free but it is very costly to maintain such environment. The first step is to construction of university which require few thousand crore rupees from hundred million citizen. The university will be the head quarter for production, maintenance, and expansion of environment of love, peace, and gratitude. Thank you sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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