Mantra 22009

Citizen of my nation are enjoying there Sunday. Some are preparing for competitive exams, some are painting, some are playing music, some are trying their hand on agriculture for the first time, some are writing and some are travelling. Sunday expend this way will increase the productivity of my nation and create an environment of love, peace, and gratitude. Although love, peace, and gratitude appear free but to maintain it daily investment of approximately one thousand crore is required. Writing in English is tough so I started by praying to him for making his adobe on earth where human can enjoy there living time and feel productivity at the same time. This is a tough task but I believe that the combine effect of subconscious mind of citizen of my nation can pull this wonder. When each and every citizen single mindedly decide to devote his life in the worship of his nation then the opulence of nation will surpass that of heaven. A paradise where citizen can freely choose their profession and earn a comfortable living from it. My nation is a dream where every citizen has food, cloths, shelter and desired vocation so that they can spend their life full of love, peace and dignity. Thank you sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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