Mantra 22012

This week, citizen of my nation had undergone a horrible fraud of twenty-one thousand seven hundred crore rupees. What actually happen is my nation wanted to make a deal with axis bank through third party. The party first demanded initial fee of two thousand crore to proceed the transaction of deal forward. After this initial payment a call (which come out as fake after investigation) came as representative of axis bank and suggested that a verification has to be done on behalf of axis bank for further procedure and demanded five thousand two hundred crore this purpose. After payment, deal moved forward and again a call has come to ask for payment of fourteen thousand five hundred crore. The deal is very lucrative where citizen of my nation has to provide service in growth of axis bank in return of which axis bank will pay twenty-three thousand crore every month. Keeping in mind the turnover of two lakhs twenty-six thousand crore my nation complied to pay the last fourteen thousand five hundred crores before sending their own force to look for the credibility of these calls and third party. Beware of any such transaction in future. Thank you sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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