Mantra 22014

It is not natural for me to think in English. Thoughts comes to me in Hindi and the process of writing mantras is very mechanical. I have to sit and write whatever come to my mind so that I can write as well as think in English. I believe by time my writing become sufficiently effective to attract the attention of soldiers so that they start contributing in the mission of optimizing the opulence of my nation by building great universities for higher education. I also love to the citizens of friendly nation participating in the development of strong spiritual base to improve the opulence of the world. Three major problem to overcome during this journey is the frustration due to process, pain of failure, and misdeed of anti-nation. Also my zodiac sign is Virgo (I am firm believer in zodiac sign) which is a mutable (tend to change with difficulty) sign, thus overcome the above three obstacle is like moving the mountain for me. If I can do it then whole world can do it. Money is going to play the major role in my quest. Currently turn over in my nation is of few thousand crore which need to increase to few lakh crore to increase little but traction in the right direction. Thank you sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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