Mantra 22015

In past I tried to write my mantras in Hindi but the scope of Hindi is very limited to optimize the opulence of my nation. Thus, I decided to write in English to expand the horizon for citizen so that they can improve their living standard. For this purpose I had to rewrite my mantras in English so that I can meditate about him and his adobe in English and visualize the nation of my dreams where my children can sharpen their skill and reach their full potential. It is expected that friendly nations will welcome this move whole heartily and anti-nation will raise some problem. It is not the problem that matters, it is the solution which leave its impact on history. It is believed that my nation along with friendly nation will find a way to built 100 and more university in my nation to raise the living standard of citizens. Education is first and compulsory facilities, which need to be incorporated ti increase the opulence of nation. Second comes the road which connect the university with other facilities. I hope that my readers will welcome this change. Thank you sri Krishna, thank you sri Arjun.

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