What a nice day.

Why and how your faith is getting stronger?

Why and how you are everywhere with multiple sources of prosperity ruling each and every heart?

Why and how you have all the pleasures of living?

Adobe of Humans’ Challenges

  • Choose one and only one activity which you will never do (Like, I will never drink wine) and stick to it.
  • Help at least one and at most three persons everyday.
  • Keep a smiling face throughout the meditation session.
  • Say “Keep Prospering” before and after helping someone.
  • Meet at least one and at most five person everyday who is doing better than you professionally.
  • Keep these challenges confidential.

Adobe of Humans’ Products

Thoughts to Meditate

ॐ I request for everything, everyone and myself leadership, wealth, suitable job, and all the pleasures of living.

ॐ and I bless from heart everything, everyone and ourselves leadership, prosperity, suitable job, and all the pleasures of living.

Why and how everyone purchase everything from ॐ and my conglomerate under win win conditions synergistically?

ॐ How good and prosper can it get?

Have a Pleasant Living